Go Food Festival, Go Cashless

By Ardan - August 11, 2018

Go Food Festival GBK

"Kenapa kalau pemerintah bikin tempat makan seperti ini tidak pernah ramai?"

The question came up from my friend, Emi when we visited Go Food Festival (GFF) in Gelora Bung Karno a few weeks ago. We went there by busway and stopped at GBK bus stop. Walking straight away to the place we took about 300 meters. Lovely weather and friendly sidewalk are included.

This culinary festival is conducted from May 2018 to May 2019.

Go Food Festival GBK

Go Food Festival GBK

I actually have visited GFF at three different spots; surely at Blok M, the place I work, at Karebosi Link Makassar, and at Gelora Bung Karno. The last mentioned place became the best I ever visited. This as it is located literally in an outdoor area and there are more several reasons for it.

Go Food Festival at GBK is divided into 3 kinds of Instagramable area. Beanbag spot that always being crowded before and after sunset, under the umbrella spot (I do not what is the called), and hammock spot in which you can chill out all day (while inhaling Jakarta air pollution, oh my love).

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The most interesting thing to be noted is Go Pay. Fyi, this festival has no cash for payment. You just fill your Go Pay up a ton of bucks, scan QRcode of tenants, and will be able to taste their meals. We are going to be a cashless society, dude.

Go Food Festival GBK

Go Food Festival GBK

Well, this is the fact. Based on the Consumer Payment Attitudes conducted in July 2017 by Visa, Indonesians are more confident living without cash for 24 hours than Singaporeans. Singapore my lord, Singapore!

It included respondents other citizens of Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam aged 18 and over with an income of more than Rp 3 million per month. Indonesia was the highest at 76 percent and Myanmar was the lowest at only 45 percent. Whilst, Singapore was at 68 percent.

Go Food Festival GBK

Go Food Festival GBK

Imagine, you are going to Go Food Festival (do not put money in your pocket) by having a Go-Jek, eating Bakso Malang, snacking Pisang Goreng Nugget, and having a cup of cold brew coffee. All of the payments are using Go-Pay which is cashless. Not to mention, some discounts, coupons, and all those things are given making cheaper than manual.

You should not imagine it. This is happening on your smartphone 🔥

Go Food Festival GBK

Go Food Festival GBK

These remind me of one of my studies in university that a good brand should put an effort to be remembered. In today's world, Go-Jek as one a unicorn startup in Indonesia as well as a brand does the extra mile.

They evolve to be a verb.

Go-Jek has many facilities to help you. For instance, Go Jek for ride, Go Food for food, Go Send for package, even GO Massage for relax.

That is why when you are craving for food, then you will come up with a sentence, "Gojekin aja!"


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