Embracing Thankfulness

A couple of days ago I arrived home when my parents were performing hajj pilgrimage. My mom asked me to stay at home until they return. I finished studying English at Kampung Inggris, Pare, East Java for about seven months. At the end of studying, I took IELTS test in British Council Surabaya which is located three hours from Pare.
Talking about studying in Pare, I will write in another part as I am still curating photos of it. This post will serve you my previous journey after finishing the test. It is an indisputable fact that I got gloominess and excitement when I made a plan for leaving Java: to leave a place where you left for a long time and to get much life experience are arduous and to be out of daily routine is pleasant.

I had two days for the test. After making days of it, I took a stroll in Grand City Surabaya—place where the test held—and moved to Ciputra World for watching movie. This mall impressed me well since this was the first time in my entire life I saw the highest escalator passing two floors. Afterward, I went to C2OLibrary and spent along day there. This place was full of quality books and looked like heaven. Many creative activities or discussions were conducted in this space. It seemed like Kampung Buku in Makassar.

Last day in hostel, I stayed in My Studio Hotel with the lowest price, I had chitchat with a 62 years old lady. She was from Bangkok, Thailand and did travel from her hometown to Jakarta and Surabaya—by herself. I was interested in her because she was alone, she had an iPad but did not know how to access the internet from her own, she just used it for taking pictures. To walk she used her notebook and tourism guidance book. She asked me many tourism places in Surabaya whether near from the hostel or not and how to go there. At once, her cab arrived and picked her to go to her first destination. I offered her to go to Makassar and she asked me to write my contact and how to go to Makassar from Bangkok. As a respond, she offered me a room in her home if I go there. I told Ade, a lovely partner of mine, concerning this and she said that the woman was about trying to improve her quality of life. Undoubtedly, most of elderly people in Indonesia spend their life by staying at home with many kinds of mind, doing nothing until they get illness. Can you imagine an elderly go to faraway places that he/she has never visited and met strangers with totally different languages?

Using train, I went to Jakarta from Surabaya and spent 14 hours on it. I watched people in every station in which train stopped and came into my mind talking with myself in many things. When I stayed in Pare, I chose to not too close with someone as I loved to talk to myself—made reflection for life. Fortunately, I met Ade. We had long conversations about what she and I found; many random things. Ade and I celebrated life by visiting inspirational places, observing people, watching movies, and admiring Jakarta—its high buildings. Eventually, in the beginning of this year, for all of this wonderful life, I am endlessly grateful to who made this happened.